How to pick the correct size

Before selecting the correct Gas Strut size, here are some pointers that will need consideration:

  • What is the weight of the item you are lifting?
  • How far does the item need to travel?
  • Where is the hinge pivot on the lid?
  • Will the Gas Strut be subject to vibration whilst on the application?
  • Centre of gravity of the item to be lifted?
  • Please note, the greater the distance the object needs to move, the bigger the strut diameter needs to be.
  • Gas Struts are commonly referred to by their size. Our most common sizes are 6-15, 8-18, 10-23 and 14-28. The size relates to the diameter of the rod and the tube, for example 6-15 range will have a rod diameter of 6mm and a tube diameter of 15mm. See the drawing below, other sizes are available, please contact us to discuss your application.

All Swift and Sure, Stop and Stay, Econoloc and Stainless Steels Gas Struts are supplied as Vari-Lift Gas Struts. These struts come fully charged with maximum force in order to allow the customer to freely adjust the force to their specific application. This makes these struts easy to use straight out of the box.

* Gas Strut also known as Gas Spring

Unsure about The type of gas strut you need?



  1. Find the dimension of the rod and tube diameters - this signifies which size Gas Strut you need to look at. 
  2. What is the extended length of the Gas Strut? Secondly clarify the closed length if possible to match to the closest available stroke length.
  3. Find the dimensions of the rod stroke length.
  4. What is the approximate weight of the lid to be lifted in kg's?

    See the table below to confirm that you are using the appropriate Gas Strut size.

The force range is determined by the allowable pressure and the rod buckling load, select force in 10 Newton intervals

Gas strut equivalent sizing form

If you require further sizing information on your Gas Strut application please download and complete the Gas Strut Sizing Questionnaire and return it to, alternatively please speak to our sales team on +44 1623 788 400.