the linea castor

Load Capacity  40 - 150 kg
Housing  Swivel Castors, Swivel Castors with directional lock, Swivel Castors with central, total or directional lock, Swivel Castors with wheel brake, Swivel Castors with central-, total lock, Swivel Castors with total lock, Combined Swivel Castor 
Fitting  Plate fitting, Threaded stem, Fittings for tubes, Single bolt hole
Wheel Diameter  50 - 150 mm
Wheels  Supratech, Duratech, Maxtech


Optimised steering ability

Directional lock for improved steering around bends, as well as moving in a straight line for long distances.

USER-FRIENDLY central lock

Simultaneous locking of more than one castor using a central actuation lever.

ergonomic foot pedal

"Kick pedal" for quick and easy operation with any kind of footwear.

efficient operation

Central locking at the touch of a button for the ultimate product in comfort.

Practical System solution

Practical system solution with all technical components for central locking. 

Optimised Manoeuvrability

Twin wheel castor with high maneuverability due to differential effect. 




robust housing

Twin wheel castor for high load capacity and low height. 

firm stance

Extreme torsional rigidity ensures that operating tables or heavy applications have a secure stance.

Permanent washability

All metal components made of stainless steel. 

certified quality

Tested by Tente in their laboratory for compliance with European standards. 


Wheels with sealed bearings to protect against spray water and dirt.


Components which are insensitive to many cleaning agents and chemical substances.



Certified conductivity

Conductive version to protect users and electrical devices from electrostatic discharge.


Only starts rolling when a pedal or handle is activated. Unintentional movement is effectively prevents. 


TÜV Süd certified performance standard for hospital bed castors. 



Reliable scanning

Anti-Magnetic for security scanners and magnetic resonance tomography.

Intergrated cable protection

Integrated cable pusher to protect cables lying on the floor. 

Reduced risk of accidents

Extremely low height to reduce the risk of accidents when used under hospital beds. 

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reduced cleaning

Due to mainly smooth surfaces, the castors are quick and easy to clean.

non-marking movement

Wheels with reduced abrasion and little cleaning requirement.

non-staining operation

Non-staining on contact with floors during long standing periods. Can also be used for floors made of untreated wood and natural stone. 

low maintenance wheels

Thread guards for unstructured operation with minimal cleaning effort.

non-hazardous materials

When utilising Duratech wheels made of heat-resistant materials for use in extreme environments. 


colour matching

Colours can be adapted to match the application or product design.


Can be printed with a logo. On request, customers can also apply different prints themselves.

Award-winning design

Awarded with prestigious prizes voted by international juries. 





Fascinating picture paints

Entire wheel caps printable which almost any theme can be used.

Painted surface

Gold, chrome or gloss colours available.





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