CUT resistant materials

Suitable for harsh operating conditions 

Certified conductivity 

Ensuring safety within sensitive environments 

reliable construction

Reliability through construction utilising a feather key groove for a safe drive 

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Extremely hard-wearing and hygienic 

low maintenance design

Reduce clogging due to thread guard 

abrasion-resistant thread

Less maintenance  

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machinery and workshop castors

alpha castor

Optimised steering ability

Directional lock for improved stability

low-vibration transport

Extra soft wheels with great shock absorbing properties

easy steering

Double ball bearing swivel head

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kappa castor

Optimised directional lock 

Directional lock be adjusted to your requirements to 2 x 180° or 4 x 90°.

reliable tractionl

Traction optimised treads for secure grip on wet and slippery floors

ergonomically friendly use

Wheels optimised rolling resistance to lighten the load of the user

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