Tente Castors

better mobility. better life. 

Tente's solutions increase productivity while ensuring safety and offer a range of innovative designs to suit a wide range of applications. No matter the industry whether this is industrial, commercial, intralogistics or furniture, Tente aims to set themselves apart by by setting new standards in industry and implementing influential changes in motion. 


Tente's castors reach to all five continents; with them incorporating a holistic point of view. This viewpoint allows Tente to focus on each solutions to achieve a new perspective; unlocking the ability to offer comprehensive and integrated mobility solutions to reach continuous improvement.  


Tente Castors are a product you can rely on. These smart mobility solutions are designed to achieve maximum efficiency, saving the customer time, energy and operational costs. This way you can improve your working methods and conditions; with the overall goal of ensuring increased productivity, profitability and safety. 


Tente are continuously moving forward and using challenges as a source of inspiration for their products in which they can create and pioneer ideas. Through this inspiration new solutions can be developed while also focusing on improving the quality of life on a sustainable basis.  

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