How Hafren Ratings Fit Your Specific Needs

Each product is assigned a security rating from 1 to 5 to meet various application needs.

It's important to understand that a rating of 1 doesn't mean a lack of security; instead, it provides a robust layer of protection optimised for specific use cases. Whether you're securing signage in a local park (which may require a lower rating) or fortifying high-risk areas in a prison (which could demand a rating of 5), our range is designed to offer the right level of tamper-resistance and safety for your unique requirements. Shop now to find the perfect solution for your needs!


Hafren Security Rating Level 1 on white

entry level security


Fasteners offer protection against crime and vandalism. The tools needed for removal can be purchased by the public. 


Hafren Security Rating Level 2 on white

enhanced security


Fasteners that are less common and not easily recognisable feature a non-standard driver, making it more difficult for the general public to obtain.

Hafren Security Rating Level 3 on white

medium security


These fasteners are less common and not widely recognised, enhancing security. The specialised driver tool's controlled supply, which is not easily accessible for purchase, further strengthens this security.

Hafren Security Rating Level 4 on white

high security 


Choose either one-way permanent fixings or Hafren's patented high-security products, which require specialised tools for removal. These tools are exclusively available from Hafren-approved distributors. 

Hafren Security Rating Level 5 on white

maximum security 


The highest security available: products are either one-way permanent fixings or require custom-made, exclusive driver tools for removal. 

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